Graphic Design

Maybe you know exactly what you want your logo, business card, or wedding invitation to look like. Maybe you simply have an idea and some doodles on a notepad. Maybe you have no clue what you want, but you’ll know it when you see it. Our graphic design team is composed of experts at who will meet your expectations and turn your vision into reality. Our graphic design team takes great pride in the work that we do and making sure the customer is happy. Kateri and Savanna love creative challenges, and no matter what your graphic design needs—from business cards to wedding invitations—they’ll create the perfect solution for you.

Savanna is a North Dakota native and gets to express her creative side at Copy Country. She has worked with customers who have had vague ideas about what kind of graphic design they want, and she’s worked with customers who have had very specific visions for the graphic design of business logos and wedding invitations. Regardless of how specific the ideas from her customers are, Savanna loves working with customers and creating a final product that the customer loves. She loves doing anything creative and is currently obsessed with the Sketchbook Project, a crowd-sourced library that features 33,804 artists' books contributed by creative people from 135+ countries.

Kateri was born and raised right here in Rapid City. She loves the variety of customers and projects that she gets to work with at Copy Country. Kateri enjoys building a rapport with a diverse range of clients so that she can clearly understand their needs and create a product that they will love. She loves the variety of projects that she gets to work on—from logos one minute to wedding invitations the next—every project Kateri works on is unique. In addition to being a graphic designer for Copy Country, Kateri is a wife, mother, volunteer with the Oglala Pet Project, and an avid volleyball enthusiast.

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